Slide And Solve

Slide And Solve 3.6

Fun, sliding jigsaw puzzle


  • Nice range of puzzles
  • Upload own JPEGs


  • Difficult level is pretty tough


Here's a puzzle game that I'm sure you will recognise. Not because it's a famous brand, but because, if you're like me, you might have played this when you were young and stuck in the car on a long journey with your parents.

It's a jigsaw puzzle but with all the pieces already joined together. However, they are in the wrong order and it's your objective to slide them around until the picture is complete.

This is easier said than done because of the nature of the sliding that sees you move one piece at a time and tends to disrupt the whole picture eg to slide a square in the top right you might need to start shuffling from the bottom left.

Each puzzle in Slide And Solve consists of eight to 34 tiles and the games get more difficult the more pieces there are in the puzzles. There are four levels of difficulty and also the option to upload JPEGs to create individual puzzles, which is a nice addition.

Picture puzzle - shuffled pictures to be reframed by sliding them through the blank spaces. Cool pictures . Unputdownable addiction!!

Slide And Solve


Slide And Solve 3.6

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